4on4 Schedule/Scores



Rules & format:


  • The 1st goal of the game is worth TWO for the scoring team.

  • Red line is offside & same for icing. This opens up the offensive zone and prevents cherry-picking

  • 3 minute warmup (sound Buzzer to start)

  • Clock runs 25 minutes non-stop. 2 periods per game

  • When a goal is scored, the scoring team backs up to the near blue line. The team scored on will take the puck behind their net and all 4 players come up together.

  • For icing, the team that iced it has to wait at the near blue line, and other team takes it from behind their goal line

  • The only puck drops from referees are at the beginning of periods

  • No Checking

  • No Fighting (Ends in Suspension from league)

  • Penalties result in a penalty shot from the near Blue line. All other players back-check from the far blue on the whistle. If the shooter player misses, play the puck as it lies.

  • If there is a goal, the opposing team plays from behind the net. 

  • If there is a save when the goalie covers it, the team that shot it backs up to the blue line and other team plays it.