Freestyle Ice

These sessions are for skaters in USFS Pre-Free Skate and above or ISI Freestyle 1.
Skaters in Snowplow Sam – Basic 6 (or Tot-Delta in ISI equivalent) levels can skate on these sessions only with a private coach. 

We additionally offer “Low Freestyle Ice” sessions for skaters in Snowplow – Basic 6 to practice without a private coach. Please see the ice schedule for those weekly sessions.

Hockey players are not allowed on these sessions, unless accompanied by a private coach. IF in a private lesson, they are allowed to wear a helmet and gloves ONLY.

Freestyle ‘memberships’ come in packages of 5, 10, and 15 sessions. Sessions are $7/hour, and can only be purchased in packages. (At the moment, single walk-ons are not allowed.) Memberships can be purchased via the Chicago Park District website or in person, at the facility (you will need a Chicago Park District account to register.) Once you have purchased your  membership, come into the facility and ask the front desk to create you a Freestyle Scan Card. Once you have your card, you simply need to scan in for each session you attend. 

The link to create an account with the Chicago Park District can be found here 

  • Create account for adult/parent/guardian FIRST. 
  • Then create one for any children or family member who might enroll in activities or purchase memberships.

Freestyle Ice Membership Packages

5 sessions
10 sessions
15 sessions

Drop-In Rate: $12 per hour / $6 per half-hour

Adult Skate

Structured like a public skate, skaters are able to move around freely on the ice and work on various skills.

Ages: Adults 18 years and older
Cost: $3 per session
Register for Adult Skate Here.

Chicago Park District account Required. Pre-Registration Suggested, as spots go quickly.