Winter Exhibition & Spring Ice Show


Winter Exhibition
“It’s Snowtime”
Wednesday, December 20, 2023

6:15 pm


Registration for the 2023 Winter Exhibition is open now! You find registration forms at the facility or print it out here: 2023 Winter Exhibition Registration Form. You can only register in-person at the MPSC Front Desk, and spots are first-come, first-served. This event is similar to our Spring Ice show, but differs slightly. Please read through the below information:

  • Skaters will supply their own programs, costumes, and music.
  • MPSC will not supply coaches, choreography or costumes.
  • Skaters are required to work with their private coaches to choose a cut of music, choreograph a program, and choose a costume.

Annual Spring Ice Show

Participants in the Fall and Winter Sessions of Learn to Skate, South Side Skating Academy, or Chicago Red Line Programs will have the opportunity to participate in the Annual Spring Ice Show.  The Ice Show will showcase solos, duets/trios and group figure skating numbers based around a central theme.  Skaters will perform under spotlights and the choreography will highlight the skills they have been learning in their group classes or private lessons.  The Ice Show is a great opportunity for your family and friends to celebrate all the hard work your skaters have put into their lessons and programs.

Past Ice Show Themes
2023: On the Edge of Good & Evil
2022: 90’s Rewind: Part Deux!
2021: Smile, Skate, Celebrate
2020: 90’s Rewind (Cancelled due to Pandemic)
2019: Skating Through Life
2018: Razzle Dazzle Broadway
2017: Skates and Shakes

How much are tickets?

$10 General Admission
$5 Senior (over age of 60)
$5 Child (Under the age of 12)

We offer accessible seating, at the bottom of our bleachers. If you would like to reserve a spot in our accessible seating section, please email the Skating Coordinator:

Does my skater perform in all the shows?

Yes! Each show performance is identical, and all skaters are expected to be there for all performances.

What do parents do during the show?

Parents are always needed to volunteer backstage in in the locker rooms. Parents are asked to volunteer at least once (if not more!) during Tech Week rehearsals or during performances. If you would like to stay with your child, and sign up to volunteer, keep an eye out for the Sign Up Genius link that will be sent out in March.

If parents are not signed up to volunteer, you must leave your skater in the locker room and go to sit in the stands. No parents/caregivers are allowed backstage unless they have signed up to volunteer and will have a badge.

Can my skater sit with me during the performance?

Yes! There must be at ticket purchased for the skater. Once the skater has finished all their routines (many skaters are in multiple), they are allowed to go sit in the stands with their family. A parent must go pick their child up from the locker room, and notify the Locker Room Chaperone.

We host a finale at the end of the entire performance, in which all skaters are expected to participate to take their bows! Families must return their skater to the locker room at least 2 numbers before the Finale.

What should I expect the day of the performance?

  • Please be at MPSC with your skater on time!
  • When you arrive you will be directed to a locker room where your skater will finish preparing.  Be sure to pick up your rental skates (if needed) on the way so you’ll have them ready to go.
  • Once they are dressed and ready, please have your child wait in the locker room with the rest of their group, and the Locker Room Monitor. They will make sure they get out to the ice on time.
    • ONLY Locker Room Monitors will be allowed to stay in the locker room during the performances. If you would like to stay with your child, and sign up to volunteer, keep an eye out for the Sign Up Genius link that will be sent out in March.
  • Parents are welcome to watch the show from the bleachers. REMINDER: All skaters re-convene for the Finale at the end of the show, so you will have to return your skater at least 2 numbers before the Finale. 
  • After their performance skaters are welcome to sit with you and watch the remainder of the show, if you would like your skater to join you, you will need to purchase a ticket for them to have a seat. Please remember the concrete floor in the bleachers will damage a skate blade – Rental skates ARE NOT ALLOWED to be worn in the bleachers. Skates should never be worn in the bleachers, unless the skater is wearing hard guards.
  • If you must leave the arena before the show ends, please wait until the skater on the ice has completed their routine. Noises from the bleachers can be distracting to the skater and the audience during a performance.
  • We will have a Finale / Curtain Call at the end of the show in which all the skaters are expected to take a final bow.  Skaters should be in their locker rooms no later than 2 numbers before the Finale, so coaches and ice monitors can get them lined up and ready.
  • Skaters will be asked to leave the ice as we wrap up finale. Once the house lights come up, skaters are welcome to come back to the ice for photos.