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Morgan Park Sports Center offers instructional Learn to Ice Skate group classes for all ages (as long as they can walk!) and levels. We are proud to run the Learn to Skate USA program, endorsed by US Figure Skating, USA Hockey, and US Speedskating.

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All of our skaters are required to obtain a Learn to Skate USA membership for $16/year, which runs annually from July 1 – June 30. (The membership is not pro-rated if you enroll at any point during the year.) The cost of membership is automatically added to your first receipt of the year, when you sign up for an ice skating class. There are no additional steps for you to do!

Membership benefits include: A Welcome Packet delivered in the mail, which includes a subscription to Learn To Skate USA® The Magazine (allow 2-4 weeks for delivery); Receive secondary sport accident insurance; The ability to participate in lessons, performances, competitions, and all activities associated with Learn to Skate USA®. For more questions about Learn to Skate USA membership, please click here.


Do I need to purchase a new Learn to Skate USA membership, if I have already purchased one this year?
No! Learn to Skate USA memberships are universal for all rinks. Please contact the Skating Coordinator to allow our online registration system to accept your membership that you have already purchased.


Skaters new to our programs will only have the ability to enroll in the entry level class at each age group. (Snowplow 1, Basic 1, Teen & Adult 1). Each session skaters are evaluated to see if they are ready to advance on. When that happens a “Qualification” is entered into the skaters Chicago Park District account, which allows them to enroll for the qualified level.

If you have taken structured skating classes (either group or private lessons) at a different rink, and would like to enroll for a level more advanced than the entry level, please contact the Skating Coordinator.

Check the Skating Bulletin Board weekly for general program information, schedule changes, important dates, and special events.

For more information about the skating program or if you have any questions, please contact:

Kathy Janik
Morgan Park Sports Center – Skating Coordinator
(773) 945-6014

Freestyle Ice

Freestyle Ice is practice ice for Figure Skaters who are in Pre-FreeSkate and above, or any level skater that has scheduled a private lesson with a coach. It is not an open skate. Hockey players are not allowed on Freestyle Ice (Please check the Stick n’ Puck schedule for Hockey practice times.)

For more information on level requirements, please visit LearnToSkateUSA.com!

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Ice Rink Calendar

Our up-to-the-minute Daily Ice Calendar, which lists all Learn to Ice Skate classes, Freestyle Ice, Stick n’ Puck, Rat Hockey and everything else in between!

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