Private Skating Lessons

Private skating lessons will benefit skaters who are having trouble progressing to the next level, who wish to acceleratetheir progress or who would like to participate at a more competitive level.Many of our staff instructors teach private lessons independent of their job atMorgan ParkSports Center and set theirown schedules based on their availability.

Complete the form below to request a Private Ice Skating Lesson.

Private Lesson Request Form

How to Find a Private Coach

What to Look for in a Private Coach

If you already know a coach who you/your skater would like to work with, you may speak to the coach directly to see ifhe/she is available for private lessons.If you are not familiar with the instructors, you can fill out theform belowand list all days/times that work with yourschedule under “Availability”,based on the current Ice Schedule.Coaches can only teach private lessons on certain ice sessions, it is not possible to schedule a privatelesson outside of those times.

Current Freestyle Ice Schedule

Once completed,a coachwill contact youdirectly and set up your first lesson. All arrangements will be made directlywith the coach.Coaches all set their own schedule and rates, depending on their level of experience and expertise.

Fees/Freestyle Membership

There are TWO fees a skater will have to pay for each lesson:

Coach fee: The coaching fee is paid directly to the coach (cash, check, digital payment can bearranged). These ratesvarybased on a coach’sownexperience and qualifications. Most skaters do a ½ hour lesson. The average lesson fee for a ½ hour lesson usuallystarts at $25+.

Ice Time Fee: In addition to paying the coaching fee, there is also a fee for use of the ice, which is paid to the facility. Each skater must register for the Freestyle Session. There are two ways to do that:

  • Drop-In: $15/session. Can be paid at the front desk when you arrive
  • Freestyle Membership: $7/session. Purchased in-bulk ahead of time, from the Chicago Park District website. Each skater will be given a Scan Card which will be scanned for each session. Minimum is a package of 5sessions, for $35.

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

15 Sessions

When you come into the facility for the first time, tell the Front Desk that you purchased a FreestyleMembership, and need a scan card made. Once the card is made, skaters will simply need to scan in for eachsubsequent session you come in for. Once thenumber of sessions on the card are used up, you can easily re-purchase a new membership online using the same links, or in person-there will be no need for a new card.Each person coming to skate needs their own scan cardfor liability and Covid contacttracing protocol.

Coach's Liability Insurance

All coaches must turn in a copy of their Liability Insurance to the Figure Skating Coordinator to keep on file.Coaches arenot allowed to coach on MPSC ice without first submitting liability insurance.Ice time for skaters and non-staff coachesmust be registered for in advance and before going on the ice.

Please Note

  • REMINDER: Private lessons are allowed on Freestyle Ice ONLY. Please consult the Ice Schedule, before filling in your availability below.
  • All skaters with private lessons must checkin at the front desk before going on the ice.
  • The agreement you enter into with the coach for private instruction is between you (skater/parent) and the coach. MPSC Management is not involved.
  • Make sureto exchange contact informationwith the private lesson coach.
  • Consult the coach directly regarding his/her policy on cancelling and/or rescheduling lessons.
  • Morgan ParkSports Center and its staff are not responsible in any way for parent/coach communication,scheduling, rescheduling, or cancelling private lessons.
  • A maximum of two skaters can be taught at the same time and the skaters must be kept in the immediatecontrol of the coach at all times on the ice.
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